Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the price of my charter calculated?

    When you charter a plane, you are billed an hourly rate times your total flight time, plus any additional costs, as applicable. Hourly rates vary by aircraft size, class and type.

  • How do I make reservations and how much lead-time is needed?

    Reservations can be made on the bookings page in our company website, you can also send us an email via or by calling us on the phone. Just 24 hours notice is the lead-time needed to secure a flight.

  • Can I request a special diet?

    Yes you can. TopBrass Catering has a standard menu; however, we are delighted to prepare special meals to satisfy your cravings.

  • How long before my flight do I have to get to the airport?

    Since you are flying on your own private aircraft, it travels on your own schedule. Let us know what time you plan to fly and your schedule becomes ours. Our crew would stand by to welcome you and load your luggage into the aircraft. There are no lines or waiting period.

  • Can an aircraft wait for me on my return leg?

    Yes. We offer 3 hours wait free of charge. Afterwards, you would be charged.